About the Author-

Hello All…

I am Geeta, an MBA by academics and an HR by profession, passionate about cooking who thinks if it is done from the heart can take the food to the next level.

I feel connected with food Ingredients, colors, texture, aroma, and taste.
Mastering the art of cooking is a long journey that demands hard work, observation, experiments, creativity, and a strong desire to excel.

I was good at academics. Devoting more time to studies, I was cooking during my vacations only. My journey started with basic dishes like Dal-Rice, chapati, etc. My mother used to make tasty food. She has been my inspiration.

I started learning more dishes during my early twenties. I used to get a lot of appreciation from my husband, family, friends for my cooking. That really motivated me.

My husband has been very supportive throughout. I feel blessed to have him as my better half.

We have an adorable son. My son is the biggest admirer of my food. When it comes to taking suggestions, I look towards my Hubby.

My world revolves around my family, work, and cooking.
I, Welcome you all to my nest  “Geeta Ki Duniya”