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Geeta Ki Duniya – Terms And Conditions/Copyright Information

By visiting our website and reading this section, you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. This section is devoted to copyright information pertaining to our website and the services therein.

Please note that all the content, including the text, images, logo and other relevant work on our website https://www.geetakiduniya.com is copyright protected. Neither visitors nor any other entity related or unrelated to our website in any manner are advised not to hotlink to the images available on the website or use the images through direct hosting in your server.

Also, no one is allowed to use the content (written text, pictures, logo etc) available on the website anywhere without a clear prior permission. Any act of publishing, redistributing, copying or any other use of our website content on other websites, newspapers, applications, e-books or any other online or offline platform without prior permission is strictly prohibited.

You can only go ahead with using our content on receiving a clear and written permission from our side, allowing you to do the same. To obtain this permission, you are will be required to send an email clearly expressing the need and purpose for using our content. You can go ahead with using the same only after you receive a written permission from our side.

This website, along with all the materials present therein, is copyrighted and protected through worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. On visiting the website, you agree to agree to abide with the copyright laws against unlawful and unethical use of content from this website.

Moreover, we have not granted any implied or express rights under any copyrights, trademarks, patents or trade secret information. Once you have obtained an official permission for an authorized use of specific copyrighted content from our website for redistributing or publication purposes, you are required to adhere to the conditions put forward by us for a fair use of the copyrighted content.

According to our conditions for fair use of copyrighted content, you are not allowed to change or remove the name of the concerned author, the trademark used or any other copyrighted information used on a different platform. You are also not allowed to edit the copyrighted content used from our website without our prior permission.

Please note that in the case of acquiring authorized rights to use our content on a different platform, you do not acquire the ownership rights by copying, downloading or redistributing out content. The ownership rights of the concerned copyrighted content will always remain with us, unless we explicitly mention otherwise.

If you are found guilty of using any of our written texts, images, logos or other relevant content from the website in an unauthorized manner, you would be liable for a penalty under infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights or other relevant damage cause by the use of copyrighted content by you.

On reading these terms and conditions, you are assumed to have agreed to the aforementioned clauses and given us your consent regarding the same.